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Trying to find the right treatment to heal your pain can be a complicated task.  For the last decade, I've been watching and studying the advancements in LASER technology when used for pain relief.  The problem was that any LASER being used for pain relief and healing was either too strong (and could burn you), too weak, or had the wrong wavelengths of photons (so it wouldn't work at all).  That was until the development of the Super-Pulsed Laser. 

The Super-Pulsed Laser fixed all of those problems and now we are very excited about using this new technology in our office.  Now pain sufferers don’t have to wait any longer to get the most advanced non-surgical FDA cleared treatment which is called Super-Pulsed Laser Rehabilitation Therapy.

If you suffer from any degree of pain, whether slight or debilitating… keep reading because this article may change your life!!!

What is Super-Pulsed Laser Therapy?

Super-Pulsed Laser Therapy can provide SERIOUS PAIN RELIEF AND HIGHLY ACCELERATED HEALING TIMES for multiple conditions including:

•     Acute or Chronic Pain

•     Arthritis

•     Back Pain

•     Bursitis

•     Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

•     Herniated Discs

•     Heel Spurs

•     Knee Pain (from arthritis and/or torn meniscus)

•     Ligament Damage

•     Pinched Nerves

•     Plantar Fascitis

•     Rotator Cuff Tendonitis & Tears

•     Sciatica

•     Shingles Pain

•     Tendonitis

•     Tennis Elbow

•     Trigeminal Neuralgia

It works so well that professional sports teams in the NFL, NBA, and NHL use this completely painless treatment to help their elite athletes get out of pain and heal.

Considering Surgery? WAIT!

Before You Put Yourself Through Months Of Immobility, Pain, Rehab, And Hefty Medical Bills... Consider Something Else.

Our New, Non-Surgical Super-Pulsed Laser delivers Pain Relief Without Medications, Drugs, Or Surgery.  Unlike other lasers that only use 1 wavelength of photons for healing, our Super-Pulsed Laser Combines 3 Specific Laser Wavelengths And A Magnetic Field That Other Lasers Just Can't Produce.  What This Means To You Is Better Outcomes And Long Lasting Results! 

Even If You Have Tried Laser Before... You Have Not Experienced This New Super-Pulsed Laser System!  This Laser Is Programmed To Work On Your Exact Problem.

What Our Patients Are Saying?

“After suffering with severe knee pain for almost 2 years, and not being able to find relief for my pain (physical therapy, cortisone injections, and PRP injections), I finally found relief with the Super-Pulsed Laser treatments at your office. After 7 visits, my pain is 75% gone and my range of motion is almost back to normal.”
- Janet G (Boynton Beach)

“I had a herniated disc that was slowly responding to chiropractic treatments.  When Dr. Rappaport added the Super-Pulsed Laser to the treatments, I went from barely being able to walk to almost perfect in about 4 visits.”
- Bruce G (Lake Worth)
“I’m back on the golf course and canceled my knee surgery!!!  My knee feels better than it has in years.”
  - David T (Boca Raton)

“I have a tear in my rotator cuff that was injected 3 times without any relief.  I also did 2 rounds of PT and was no better.  The Super-Pulsed Laser got rid of all of my pain and I can play tennis again.”
- Helene R (Boynton Beach)

“Dr. Rappaport used a combination of Laser and acupuncture to cure my carpal tunnel syndrome.”
- Renee L (Boynton Beach)


Don’t Just Mask Your Pain

Until now, people have settled for masking their pain by taking pain pills, or getting cortisone and epidural steroid injections. This type of relief masks the cause, is temporary, and more often leads to even more pain or worse yet - addiction to drugs!

It’s Not Magic… It Just Seems Like It

So far, over 4000 studies have been conducted to validate the effectiveness of this laser technology.  It is FDA APPROVED and offers advanced pain relief and highly accelerated healing times through a process known as photobiostimulation. Our Super-Pulsed Laser delivers deep, penetrating, photonic energy directly to the painful and/or damaged areas. The Super-Pulsed Laser is able to reduce inflammation, stop pain, heal damaged tissue, and it also can significantly accelerate healing times (up to 66% faster). It is the high-tech answer for all those who think surgery, shots, supplements and prescription medications are the only options to relieve pain.

How Long Will It Take To Notice a Difference?

In some cases you will notice changes immediately.  I’ve had multiple patient notices changes after the very first treatment.  While others with more serious damage may take up to 10 treatments or more to feel better.  Everyone is different.

Who is a Good Candidate For The Treatment?

Do you wake up with pain? Does your pain keep you from certain activities?  Have you been told you need surgery to alleviate your pain?  Have you tried everything to get rid of your pain with no success?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are ready to experience the relief and healing found at our office!

How Do I Know That This Is Right For Me?

In most cases, if you have any type of pain, this is a great solution.  Because there are no contra-indications or side-effects with Super-Pulsed Laser treatment, almost everyone with pain is a candidate.  The only way to know for sure is to let us take a look at you. When we do, we’ll give you an honest and fair evaluation of your particular pain.

Yours In Health,

Dr. Brian Rappaport, D.C.  

P.S. Let’s face it, if your pain hasn’t gone away by now, it’s not likely to disappear on its own.  Life is too short to live in pain like this.

P.P.S. Call 561-369-0808 today and soon I’ll be giving you the green light to have fun again!