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  • The Important Facts You Need To Know About Vitamin B12 Deficiency
    First, check the following list of symptoms:• Balances issue, numbness, difficulty with walking, tingling and other neurological symptoms typically   associated with peripheral neuropathy• Light-headedness, tiredness and fatigue• Lack of breath Read more
  • Constant Stress? Take A Look At Your Diet
    Constant Stress? Take A Look At Your DietThis state of emotional tension can be rooted in anything from work-related pressures to frayed family relationships. At one point or another, everyone Read more
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
    Do you find yourself scouting out a bathroom everywhere you go? Are you afraid that you may need to run to the bathroom at any moment? Or, do you no Read more
  • 10 Harmful Health Effects Caused by Excessive Sugar
    10 Harmful Health Effects Caused by Excessive Sugar ConsumptionFoods taste sweet because they contain sugars which can be naturally occurring or added. What’s the main difference between the two?Naturally occurring sugars are the sugars found Read more
    Peripheral neuropathy is a condition in which nerve damage triggers a burning, tingling or numb sensation in your hands and feet. The specific cause can be difficult to pinpoint, but Read more
  • Vitamin B12
     Do you suffer from any of the following symptoms?Weakness, tiredness, or light-headednessRapid heartbeat or difficulty breathingPoor memory or difficulty concentratingDepression, anxiety, maniaNumbness and tingling of hands or feetDifficulty with balance, Read more
  • Iron Deficiency Anemia
    What is iron deficiency anemia? Iron deficiency anemia is a decrease in red blood cells due to having too little iron in your body. When your body doesn’t have enough iron Read more
  • Natural Ways To Help Allergies
    If you dread allergy season, then you know what it’s like to suffer from itchy skin, red eyes, a runny nose, sneezing, sinus pressure, and headaches.Likewise, you may react to Read more
  • 8 Ways to Get Rid of Migraines
    Headaches are extremely common in society, and quite frankly, the situation is getting worse. Millions of people are affected on a daily basis with incapacitating migraines. Symptoms can range from Read more
  • 10 Things That Can Cause A Leaky Gut and Wreck Your Health
    If you’ve been Googling how to manage your chronic health condition, chances are you’re heard of leaky gut. Leaky gut is what it sounds like — the lining of the Read more
  • Be Careful With What You Think About
    Did you know that every time you have a thought your brain releases chemicals? That's how your brain works. You have a thought, your brain releases chemicals, an electrical transmission Read more
  • How Nutrition Can Help Rehab a Concussion
    Concussions and other forms of traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are responsible for 30% of all injury-related deaths in the United States. According to the CDC, there were 2.5 million reported Read more
  • Vitamin D Helps MS Nerve Damage
    Vitamin D has been extensively studied for bone health and cancer, as well as for its anti-inflammatory benefits and also its role in modulating the immune system in autoimmune diseases. Autoimmune Read more
  • Five Causes of Insomnia
    Five things you can address that cause insomnia:It seems almost everyone has insomnia these days, including, possibly, you. People either can’t fall asleep, they wake up after a few hours Read more
  • Timing Your Thyroid Medications To Get Accurate Lab Results
    When To Take Thyroid Medications To Get Accurate Lab ResultsI've been getting a lot of messages lately from people who began to feel hypothyroid after having their thyroid medications reduced Read more
  • Be Kind to Your Brain Eat Fat and Cut the Carbs
    Alzheimer’s disease, far and away the most common form of dementia, now affects some 5.4 million Americans, representing the third leading cause of death in our country. Even more troubling Read more